Too much!

At this moment, I should be finishing up the take-home final for my Environmental Ethics class. Clearly, I needed a short break.

Actually, I need a very long break. Thankfully, it’s the last bit of work I will do for my Masters in Liberal Studies. Very thankfully. I’ve had enough of justice issues to last me for….well, probably forever. If only the university had got the English program going sooner….

I’m just overwhelmed, I think. Whatever possessed me to think I should buy a house in the last month of the semester? And have it close the same week as Finals? And get a dog? Who turned out to be a rather large dog, “medium” designation or not. For a family in which two of the three of us have never owned a dog? And also those same two out of three tend to not pick up after themselves very well? But the dog seems to be a good thing, there, because he demands a lifestyle change for his well-being, and I honestly can’t remember the last time the daughter willingly woke up before 8am.

New house and new dog require new ways of living. Because my new house? I’m going to be all Gollum over it. It’s my Mother’s Day present. My precioussssss.  :o)  We’ll either all change, or they’ll move out to get away from me.

And now back to consumption, waste disposal, and climate change.


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